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Thursday, June 28, 2012

New Perspective in Science

Brian Dilkes and I have a perspective in the new issue of Science titled "Elemental Profiles Reflect Plant Adaptations to the Environment". The abstract is below. Science puts a very (and I mean VERY) tight word limit on the manuscript and so one of the things that we needed to cut was the acknowledgements. So we would like to take the time here to give huge thanks to all the great people who took the time to read drafts and give us (lots of) feedback. 

Jim Fleet,David Salt, Kirsten Bomblies, Elizabeth Haswell, Elizabeth Buescher, Nancy Emery, Clint Chapple, Jody Banks, Joanna Dinsmore, Luca Comai, Aimee Terauchi, Greg Ziegler and five anonymous reviewers for comments on the perspective. 

Pamela Hines, our editor at Science, contributed lots of wisdom, insight and most of all patience, for which we are ever grateful. 



Most mineral elements found in plant tissues come exclusively from the soil, necessitating that plants adapt to highly variable soil compositions to survive and thrive. Profiling element concentrations in genetically diverse plant populations is providing insights into the plant-environment interactions that control elemental accumulation, as well as identifying the underlying genes. The resulting molecular understanding of plant adaptation to the environment both demonstrates how soils can shape genetic diversity and provides solutions to important agricultural challenges.                      


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