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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

iHUB proposal submitted to NSF

The Salt lab has just submitted a proposal to the US NSF Research Coorodination Network in Biological Science (RCN) program titled "The iHUB: A Collaborative International Network for Ionomics". If funded we will add various new tools to the ionomicsHUB including:

1. Tools to allow the easy sharing and annotation of data.

2. Literature Cloud: A tool to allow the easy filtering and sharing of literature.

3. Tools to allow the coordinated collection of ICP data from distributed sites.

4. Tools to allow the easy sharing of presentations and lectures.

5. Tools to allow the self formation of online work groups and online communication.

6. iHUB interaction map – The iHUB interactome.

7. On-line Help tools.

8. iHUB Annual Meeting.

9. Student and facility scientific exchange between collaborating laboratories.