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Sunday, August 24, 2008

The Figure Reviewers Didn't Like

In our previous attempts to get the Fe model published, we included the figure below. It shows how the Fe model predicts that the Fe status of the soil varied greatly across the many trays that we have run. We like it because it shows that even though the environment is changing (despite our best efforts to keep it constant) this model and others like it will allow us to account for this variation when we look at data.

The reviewers didn't like it for reasons I disagree with so vociferously I shall not repeat them here. So we left it out of the version that was submitted to PNAS.

You can see how changing the soil batch had a major effect on the Fe status of the plants. We were only able to grow plants in Fe sufficient conditions once we started watering with the Fe specific chelator HBED. Dow_research_talk_v1.014.jpg

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